2020 Integrated Report

Value chain

Aquivion® (pictured)

Our Aquivion® innovation is a key material for hydrogen production. It is crucial for electrical storage and conversion devices such as fuel cells, electrolyzers and flow batteries used in conjunction with zero-emission electricity sources.

Before our solutions become part of everyday life, they are modified time and again from raw materials extraction to production, processing, formulation and assembly. At Solvay, we focus on the links in the value chain where our expertise contributes the most. We work closely with suppliers, partners, brand owners and customers, sharing knowledge to unlock more value. Our new End-to-End Value Chain initiative will take customer service even further and optimize internal resources.

Meet each customers’ specific needs

Solvay’s End-to-End Value Chain reinvention program improves our customers’ experience by offering a differentiated service model that will meet each customer’s specific needs. Our goal is to enhance the efficiency of our value chain while delivering the most value at the lowest financial and environmental cost. This means bonding teams to define the best harmonized processes, tools and organization, from materials sourcing to final delivery and collecting payment.

In 2020, our cross-functional central team together with GBUs lowered our inventory requirements, while improving delivery performance to the customers. “Introducing differentiated approaches to manage our value chains allowed us to save €50M and to better serve our customers”, said Tobias Fehre, Program director, End-to-End Value Chain reinvention. “Further sustaining these improvements and further elevating our customer interaction are the next priority.”

The GBU Specialty Polymers is one of the first GBUs to roll out the new approaches.

"Specialty Polymers GBU has successfully embarked on our End-to-End transformation in early 2020, focusing on breaking down silos across the GBU, enhancing planning, and empowering our Quality team to raise process capability."

Ihab Elia (picture)Ihab Elia, Global Supply Chain and Purchasing VP, Specialty Polymers GBU

End-to-End value creation

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End-to-End value creation (graphic)