2020 Integrated Report

Innovate to fuel our growth

Leading the way towards the sustainable batteries of the future

AgRHO® S Boost (pictured)

AgRHO® S Boost is a macromolecule extracted from guar, a legume, which improves the plant's absorption of water and nutrients, boosts germination and ultimately increases yield.

The electric vehicle (EV) battery is a critical, game changer for clean mobility and, even with the economic slowdown from the Covid crisis, demand for batteries is soaring.

At Solvay, we are preparing for the battery market boom. Our Battery Materials Platform aims to achieve €1 billion in market revenue by 2030.

We bring key assets to the table, as no other company has the broad range of technologies required both to create the critical ingredients that go into the battery and recycle the battery at the end of its life.

  • As a leading provider of advanced materials and solutions for Li-ion batteries, our unique portfolio of technologies enables the battery to deliver its full performance and our polymers and composite materials help make the battery pack lighter, more resistant, and safer.
  • As the global leader in solutions for the extraction and purification of metals, we play a key role in enabling battery recycling, by leveraging our unique expertise in metal recovery. Solvay, Veolia and Renault announced a partnership to recycle critical metals used in lithium ion EV batteries, promising better resource efficiency.
  • In the European Battery Alliance, we stand out with our unique value proposition of electrolyte ingredients, electrode binders, separator coatings and metal recovery technologies. The objective of the Alliance is to develop the next generation of batteries by 2030, building an ecosystem across the entire value chain.
  • We have invested in our Battery Application Development centers in Seoul (South Korea) and in Bollate (Italy), taking advantage of our global presence to co-develop solutions with customers.

Adressable market Electrification


Meeting booming demand in lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion battery plant (picture)

Solvay is reinforcing its leadership in the lithium-ion battery market by increasing its capacity of high performance polymer Solef® PVDF by more than 50% between 2020 and 2022.