2020 Integrated Report

Solvay One Planet sustainability roadmap

AgRHO® S Boost (pictured)

AgRHO® S Boost is a macromolecule extracted from guar, a legume, which improves the plant's absorption of water and nutrients, boosts germination and ultimately increases yield.

Sustainability is at the heart of Solvay’s answer to the crisis and is central to our Purpose. In 2020, we accelerated our ambitions to meet our stakeholders’ growing expectations: we focused on protecting those who were most vulnerable during the pandemic, set more ambitious environmental targets, built partnerships to enable the circular economy, and worked to ensure sustainable solutions represent a growing part of our sales.

The Solvay One Planet roadmap, launched in early 2020, outlines ten ambitious targets to be achieved by 2030. They will drive progress in three key areas where Solvay has the most impact, in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: CLIMATE, RESOURCES and BETTER LIFE. The crisis showed that Solvay One Planet is more relevant than ever. The link between pandemics and the human impacts on climate change and biodiversity is now in the spotlight. In the supply chain, the focus has shifted from efficiency to resilience and circular economy principles. The way we work has been transformed – digitization is accelerating and hygiene and employee well-being are top priorities.

2030 Solvay One Planet goals: 10 ambitious objectives to reduce our global impact

Baseline 2018

10 ambitious golas to reduce our global impact (graphic)

1: SBTi: Science Based Targets initiative
2: ReCiPe method for biodiversity impact assessment (under development)
3: Circular economy indicators have been adapted to align with the Circulytics® developed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation
4: Medical Treatment Accident Rate

Bonding for a better planet: our sustainability performance in 2020

“To bond is to put sustainability at the heart of everything we do, and in 2020, we lived it everyday and accelerated our energy transition and our commitments.”

Ilham Kadri Solvay CEO

Our response to the crisis: accelerate and raise the bar on sustainability